Quick Answer: What Is The Medical Term For A Lump?

What is a lump or mass?

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(mas) In medicine, a lump in the body.

It may be caused by the abnormal growth of cells, a cyst, hormonal changes, or an immune reaction..

What is the sentence of lump?

Lump sentence example. The lump was back in her throat. A lump of flesh. She swallowed a lump in her throat.

Is a lump painful?

Lumps can be caused by any number of conditions, including infections, inflammation, tumors or trauma. Depending on the cause, lumps may be single or multiple, soft or firm, painful or painless. They may grow rapidly or may not change in size. Lumps due to local infectious causes may appear as boils or abscesses.

Do nodules go away?

The nodule may go away on its own or stay the same size. Patients treated this way should be checked by their doctor every 6 months to monitor the growth of the nodule. As long as the nodule does not grow, there’s usually no need to worry.

What’s another name for a lump?

What is another word for lump?chunkhunkbunchclotconcentrationknotnodenodulenubnubble67 more rows

What does a cancerous lump feel like?

Cancerous lumps are usually hard, painless and immovable. Cysts or fatty lumps etc are usually slightly softer to touch and can move around. This has come from experience – I found a rubbery, painless moveable lump in my neck which was not cancer.

What’s the difference between a tumor and a mass?

The word tumor simply means a mass. Tumor is therefore a general term that can refer to benign or malignant growths. Benign tumors are non-malignant/non-cancerous tumors. A benign tumor is usually localized, and does not spread to other parts of the body.

How do you tell if a lump is a tumor?

However, the only way to confirm whether a cyst or tumor is cancerous is to have it biopsied by your doctor. This involves surgically removing some or all of the lump. They’ll look at the tissue from the cyst or tumor under a microscope to check for cancer cells.

What is a Nodulo?

noun. node [noun] a small swelling eg in an organ of the body. nodule [noun] a small round swelling or lump, for example on a plant or part of your body.

What is the use of lump?

A lump of something is a solid piece of it. They used to buy ten kilos of meat in one lump. A lump on or in someone’s body is a small, hard swelling that has been caused by an injury or an illness. A lump of sugar is a small cube of it.

What are cooking lumps?

If you add the flour directly to the simmering liquid, you’ll get lumps. Such lumps form because hot liquid causes the starch molecules on the surface of the flour to almost instantly gelatinize—that is, the starches swell, burst, and become sticky.

Is a nodule the same as a tumor?

Tumors that are generally larger than three centimeters (1.2 inches) are called masses. If your tumor is three centimeters or less in diameter, it’s commonly called a nodule.

Is a nodule the same as a cyst?

If the cells have invaded the surrounding tissue, the diagnosis is cancer. Thyroid cysts are nodules filled with fluid. If a nodule has both fluid and solid parts, it is called a complex nodule.

What is the opposite of lump?

What is the opposite of lump?avoidchangedodgefightmisunderstandrefuserejectshunstopstand up1 more row