Quick Answer: What Is The Best Team In Genshin Impact?

Who does the most damage in Genshin impact?

So it’s high time we add more heavy-hitters here, particularly the most recent ones who have been producing astronomically damage numbers.1 Ganyu.

Alas, Diluc has finally been dethroned as the highest single-attack damage dealer in the game.2 Diluc.

3 Xiao.

4 Klee.

5 Tartaglia.

6 Keqing.

7 Zhongli.

8 Razor.

More items…•Feb 20, 2021.

Is Xiao better than Diluc?

In terms of attack speed, Xiao surpasses Diluc, as Claymore wielding characters have slower attacking speed compared to other weapon carriers. Polearm users can dish out multiple hits per second, whereas claymore users are usually slower because of the heavy weapon mechanism.

Who is better keqing or razor?

Razor gains Physical Damage and he also hits harder but less often than Keqing. Overall, Razor is used for pure physical DPS while Keqing is used for electro damage. But on a vacuum, Keqing is better overall.

How good is Xiao Genshin impact?

Xiao was introduced in the Genshin Impact 1.3 update, adding a five-star Anemo Polearm-user to the game. … Xiao has proven to be a powerful asset in battle, and therefore has earned a S-tier spot on our Genshin Impact tier list.

Is Lisa Genshin impact good?

In Genshin Impact, Lisa is best suited to a support role. She isn’t the best electro character out there, but as you receive her as a freebie, she’s an early game asset to most teams until you manage to get your hands on a better character from a wish.

How do I change my team on Genshin impact?

The Team members can also be changed (out of combat) by summoning Paimon and selecting change character from the menu.

Is Diluc good at c0?

Yes, Diluc is great at c0.

Is keqing bad?

Yes, Keqing is very powerful and extremely useful in both combat and outside. No, she is not worth whaling and f2p people should not invest into her banner unless they really love Keqing as a person.

Is keqing any good?

Keqing works best as a carry DPS due to her impressive damage output. When paired with the correct characters, the Electro-based elemental reactions can kill weaker enemies in an instant. If you’re looking for someone to carry your party through the harder Spiral Abyss floors, Keqing is definitely worth considering.

Is razor good at C0?

Yes, he’s great. I cleared all of the abyss with him as my DPS for one of teams, C0 so far.

Who are the best characters in Genshin impact?

Genshin Impact tier list OverallTierCharacterSBennett, Diluc, Ganyu, Hu Tao, Klee, Mona, Tartaglia, Venti, Xiao, Xingqiu, ZhongliAAlbedo, Diona, Fischl, Jean, Keqing, Ningguang, Qiqi, Razor, Rosaria Sucrose, XianglingBBarbara, Beidou, Chongyun, Kaeya, Noelle, XinyanCLisa, Traveller (anemo and geo)1 more row•Apr 16, 2021

Why is Diluc bad?

Diluc is widely considered to be the best DPS currently in Genshin Impact. While the character may not provide players with a lot of utility in terms of setting up Elemental Reactions, his damage output is obscene, even without an optimal build.

Is Diluc still the best?

Yeah, he’s still great. My Ganyu out dpses him a little, but Diluc is consistent, very easy to use, and still stupid strong with the right supports, plus pyro+claymore is a huge advantage everywhere. Don’t give up on him.